Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Greetings. I am a qualified user of Medicinal Cannabis with medical documentation and written recommendation from a Washington state licensed physician.

You, and you.. and you and you and you... why cant we all do this...

Time x Wage x Kilowatt x Square-foot-age...

And I quote a very efficient grower...

"...Electricity per 56 days cycle (2x1000 watt x 12 hrs/day + Ac/fans usage)=$ 125.00
Consumables used ( tank co2, nutrients, bulb, media) =$ 200.00
Equipment devaluation ( $3000/13 harvests in 2 yrs) =$ 254.00
Labor costs these need to be taken into account ( $35/hr x 80 hrs) =$ 2800.00
Total costs per harvest =$ 3378.00
costs of production, 3000 grams per harvest /3378.00 =$ 1.13/gram

Giver or take each harvest I range from .80- 1.25 per gram...

"... building a new one for a good friend/ new med patient based on same design I will be throwing up a log as we go if I find time. As for High efficiency both labor and electricity are key area that savings can be found. I have high efficiency ac, a PPM CO2 controller, good ballasts with good caps. In the world of labor my system is now down this,
1-add 36 plant's ( clones in 5x5 grodan cubes)
2-check water level and nutrient level
3-hit switch make sure pumps/ CO2 are working
3-close door and come back in 7-8 days
4-on visit quick tie and prune, nutrient top off and check ( every 2 weeks I do a flush)
5-repeat till day 56-? strain dependent.
6-harvest I walk in and pull plants with grodan cubes from system and lay them out
7-flush nutrient tank, add 1/2 cup of bleach and top off with tap water, run the system for 2 hrs. Wipe down room/ floor while waiting ( milder bleach solution). I then change bulbs/co2 tank (sometimes I get an extra week or two but not usually) . once two hrs are up I drain the system and refill with plain tap water run for 30 minutes and wipe pipes out and down as this goes on, once all is clean I go to Step 1

I can usually have all the plants out and new ones in, with a fan leaf trim done in a day. I have one buddie to help me trim and it done by hand over a 2-4 day period..." Junior_grower (icmag)

This buddy is in another state, not WASHINGTON, but, the numbers run the same, and, as a collective, working together, the start up costs come down.

Do I have to register with or obtain a card from the state?

No. If you are a qualifying patient with a written recommendation from your health care provider, that is all you need.

The clinic I went to says I have to purchase a card or permit from them. Is this true?

No. There are groups or clinics in Washington that may charge a fee for you to see a doctor, but you are not required to visit a certain clinic or join an organization to get a medical marijuana recommendation from a health care provider.

Substitute Senate Bill 5798, Medical Marijuana, passed the legislature in the 2010 session. This bill makes the following changes to Chapter 69.51A RCW:

  • Adds advanced registered nurse practitioners, naturopathic physicians, medical physician assistants, and osteopathic physician assistants to the list of health care providers who can recommend medical marijuana.

  • Requires recommendations for medical marijuana written on or after June 10, 2010 to be written on tamper-resistant paper. Patients are no longer allowed to use a copy of their medical records in lieu of a written recommendation.

WAC 246-75-010

Agency filings affecting this section

Medical marijuana.

(1) Purpose. The purpose of this section is to define the amount of marijuana a qualifying patient could reasonably expect to need over a sixty-day period for their personal medical use. It is intended to:

(a) Allow medical practitioners to exercise their best professional judgment in the delivery of medical treatment;

(b) Allow designated providers to assist patients in the manner provided in chapter 69.51A RCW; and

(c) Provide clarification to patients, law enforcement and others in the use of medical marijuana.

(2) Definitions.

(a) "Designated provider" means a person as defined in RCW 69.51A.010.

(b) "Plant" means any marijuana plant in any stage of growth.

(c) "Qualifying patient" means a person as defined in RCW 69.51A.010.

(d) "Useable marijuana" means the dried leaves and flowers of the Cannabis plant family Moraceae. Useable marijuana excludes stems, stalks, seeds and roots.

(3) Presumptive sixty-day supply.

(a) A qualifying patient and a designated provider may possess a total of no more than twenty-four ounces of useable marijuana, and no more than fifteen plants.

(b) Amounts listed in (a) of this subsection are total amounts of marijuana between both a qualifying patient and a designated provider.

(c) The presumption in this section may be overcome with evidence of a qualifying patient's necessary medical use.

Chapter 69.51A RCW

Medical marijuana

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